Passionate about hunting & fishing ?

Turn your passion into a business !

We’re looking for passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced people who want to make extra money sharing their passion with others !


If you've ever taken your family members/friends/relatives... fishing or hunting,
then YOU can be a guide !

We provide all the necessary tools, training, and support to help YOU learn about business, marketing, and personal branding.

As a guide, you will be able to make money not only by guiding/training/educating, but also by helping other hunting/fishing brands & businesses spread the word about their services & products !

A lot of people who are new to hunting & fishing are searching online for the best gear, and ways to get started…

By sharing your knowledge, experience & expertise and recommending gear that you personally use, or businesses you collaborate with, you’ll be helping those people make an informed purchasing decision !

And when people buy products based on your recommendations, or book trip with another guiding business you recommend…


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To Apply, Please Answer The Questions Below

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1 – Your location ( state/city )

2 – Do you have previous guiding experience ? Please elaborate if you have…Β 

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  • YouTube channel
  • Website/blog

4 – Do you have any previous experience running your own business ?Β 

5 – Do you have any previous ( affiliate/network/online ) marketing experience ?

6 – Are you willing to invest time into learning about business & marketing ?

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